Transform and Unfold Life is Meant to be Enjoyed and Loved


Search for knowledge and understanding. Seek new insights, new ways to view things, and new ways to relate and communicate. Pursue the unknown. Continue to bring out the best in yourself. Engage your mind, heart and spirituality.


The key to life is leveraging what you learn. Leverage it. Apply it. Try new things. Take risks. Gain experience. It leads to wisdom. Learning without leveraging leads to greater intellect, but no real benefit to yourself or others.


Living a truly fulfilling life means wanting others to have the same joy, fulfillment and success in life. It means leading others to have the courage to take new risks in life, accomplish challenging goals and fulfill dreams.



Laura’s worked with thousands of people, from executives to housewives to teens and young adults, to bring out each person’s unique expression of leader. She has a relentless, passionate commitment to the individual rising above current circumstances to accomplish extraordinary goals. While delivering rigorous leadership programs for a training company in Dallas, her programs set records for the country and region in results produced by participants.


Laura’s corporate experience spans multiple industries, including publishing, business and office technology, financial investment, pharmacy point-of-sale systems, accounting & auditing, airline operations, airline technology, and mega-church operations. As an entrepreneur, Laura has worked with countless small businesses and understands the needs of the small business owner.


With over 25 years in technology, Laura Friedman is passionate about helping individuals and businesses choose the right technology, learn about technology, and leverage it to help fulfill goals. And for Laura, sometimes it’s just about helping you make business or life easier. Laura is not a hardware or software reseller, so the solutions she recommends are always unbiased, with no personal gain behind them.

Inspiring. Passionate. Dedicated.

Areas of Expertise



Imagine It, Make It Happen!

Although Laura worked in corporate America for over 20 years, being an entrepreneur is in her blood! She’s launched and runs multiple successful businesses.



On Target In Life & Business

Laura has been coaching individuals and groups in a wide range of life and business issues for over 20 years.



With Power & Clarity

Laura’s speaking engagements include women’s organizations and business conferences. Large groups are no challenge for her!



From One Session To 6+ Months

Leadership, relationships, communication, integrity, effectiveness and technology are just a few of the training programs available.



25+ Years Experience

From Wall Street to Main Street, Laura has experience in designing, implementing and managing small to large scale technology solutions.

Laura’s diverse background enables her to inspire, motivate, energize, entertain, or education – all based on your needs – in a wide variety of settings.
Do you have an upcoming business event, women’s event, community event, technology event, sales meeting, vision/mission statement session, TV/radio show, or faith-based event?

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